Me !

Who AM I?


I am Paul Farrelly, and I do a few of things online to make a living but I am not greedy and don’t want to be a millionaire, I would rather be happy and comfortable, which I am right now. If there is one thing I have learnt in my 59 years so far is that the old saying, ‘money cannot buy happiness’ is so, so true.

I am a qualified accountant though I haven’t used my degree since 1989 and to use it again I would have to virtually go back and do it again to get up to speed. In 1989 I switched from financial control to operations at the company I worked for which was when I was formally introduced to my first computer, it was a huge Linux based system that ran the whole company very effectively.

Then in 1999 I left it all to start my own online business and have been running it ever since, but occasionally I take what my relatives call a ‘real job’ for a while, usually a physical one when I really do look in the mirror with shock at my seemingly ever expanding waist line, I want the ‘spare tyre’ to be for a car, not for a heavy vehicle, LOL

My final thing was that in 2002 I packed up (and sold up) and moved from Sydney to Cowra, which was my ‘tree change’ before it became a popular term and thing to do, but I do wonder why some of them bother, they sell their McMansion in the city and come out here and promptly build another one and then spend all their time complaining about things they don’t have, well, go back where you came from if you cannot hack it west of the mountains.

I am not a social animal which is why having an online business suits me down to the ground, and I don’t smoke (legal or illegal) and rarely drink to excess, though I made a pact years ago with some mates, we will all get smashed off our faces on 30th June 2017, the year we all turn 60, just to celebrate making it that far..
















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