Contact details

Ok, this is my contact page, where I list the ways I can be contacted but I admit, I am the most hopeless person on the planet for being contacted immediately, if I am doing something I will ignore the phone, it is an old habit and we are stuck with it, so call and leave a message or send an email, and I WILL get back to you, promise.


Ok, want to use a stamp, envelope and some time, send real mail to:

Paul Farrelly

39 Eulo St

Cowra NSW 2794



Email: paulswebs at gmail dot com

I am sorry but the old email address gets over 1000 spam emails from retards each week now, so I cannot use it anymore, they can have it!


Mobile 0427 090 357

I also talk to clients a lot using skype, but please email me first as all ‘strange’ contact requests just get deleted, the way it is now regretfully.


Finally, I do work from home, but it is my home first and my office sometimes, so if you want to have a sit down, call and make an appointment please. I do like to do business in coffee shops, it appeals to my sense of humour.

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